Rome CityVision Experience 2010 Exhibition and Lecture CityVision Magazine
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

          September 21, 2010. 5:00 PM

          CityVision magazine is pleased to present Rome City Vision Experience, an evening dedicated to contemporary architecture and the protagonists of the international competition Rome City Vision. The entire event is curated by Francesco Lipari and Vanessa Todaro.

          Rome City Vision Experience will celebrate contemporary architecture in order to sustain and support Rome in its long journey of emancipation from a strong architectural heritage.

          A real and imaginary dialogue between the contemporary and the imagined future. The goal of the evening is to promote and discuss the most advanced ideas in contemporary architecture. A time to explore the current reality and the future of design featuring news, events and conferences.

          During the evening, the projects of the winners of Rome City Vision will be presented along with the premiere issue of the first free-press magazine of contemporary architecture in Rome, CityVision Mag.

          Graniti Fiandre, a world leader in the production of porcelain slabs, always abreast of the latest trends in architecture and design, will present its innovative product ACTIVE.

          Andrea Bartoli, noted Sicilian architecture and contemporary art lover will tell us what it means to be a patron today presenting the proposed redevelopment of the old town of Favara (AG), the Cultural Farm Park.

          Alexander Orsini, a Roman architect will tell us about his experience as an architect "in flight" to New York and the importance of a contemporary culture in Rome.

          Finally, the evening will culminate with a lecture by German architect Juergen Mayer H.

          See an online copy of the CityVision Mag here.

          More information about the exhibition and lecture is at the CityVision website.

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