Energies: New Material Boundaries Edited by Sean Lally
          Reviewed By Mario Cipresso

        • 'Energies' presents a collection of work that challenges the traditional notions of materiality that we as architects rely upon to define some sort of physical limit or boundary especially as it relates to structure, geometry and form. This publication is absolutely not a collection of new recycled material samples or innovations in existing building products. It takes a critical look at the somewhat elusive 'material energies' present in the common technologies of thermal variation, air velocity and electricity beyond their existing implementations as mundane building services. The intent of the projects is to free these media from their accepted roles and to establish them as the boundaries and thresholds of architecture.

          Philippe Rahm's, "Research House for Dominique-Gonzalez-Foerster" is an investigation of the thermodynamic phenomenon of the Gulf Stream and its implications on a single-family living enivronment. A typical modern home attempts to create a condition where the entire home is maintained at a uniform temperature regardless of the particular uses. Rahm's project aims to restore the diversity to the relationship that the body maintains with space and its temperature, allowing for seasonal variations. The home essentially consists of an asymmetrical distribution of heat creating a convection movement in the project around which the spaces are organized based on an ideal temperature to activity relationship.

          'New Material Boundaries' presents some very interesting ideologies and proposals for the reassessment of how we can define space and experience in architecture today. The selected projects vary between art installations to architectural proposals and address a broad spectrum of issues. The printing is another fine AD Architectural Design release.

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