Milano Stadt Krone 2030 Exhibition Architectural and Urban Forum [Milano]
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

        • The exhibition features 12 proposals commissioned by the Architectural and Urban Forum (AUFO) of Milano, with support from the Comune di Milano, located on the periphery of the historic city center offering conceptual solutions for the densification of Milano. Each proposal injects 25,000 inhabitants into the existing fabric of Milano for a total population increase of 300,000. The exhibition opens June 16, 2010 at the Politecnico di Milano.

          Contributing Architects: Guglielmo Mozzoni Architetto (Milan), Degli Esposti Architetti (Antonelli, Degli Esposti, Lazza) (Milan), ACZ studio di architettura (Agnoletto, Cavani, Zamboni) (Modena), Rojkind Arquitectos (Mexico City), BplusU (Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu) (Los Angeles), Ian+ (Rome), MAD Office (Beijing), Tang & Yang Architects (Savannah GA), Fraschini-Melgrati-Tonoli (Milan), Mystic Brain Region (Milan), Congoritme Architects (Barcelona), NuMi Studio (Milan), Michele Moreno Architetto (Milan), Studio Shift (Mario Cipresso) (Culver City CA), Void_7 (Madrid).


          June 16, 2010 (17:00 hours) : Opening and round-table discussion

          June 17-30, 2010 (9:00-19:00 hours) : The project MilanoStadtKrone2030 and the previous projects "No-spot City" and the "Aequus Actor" by AUFO will be exhibited at the spazio mostre Guido Nardi - Politecnico di Milano (via Ampere, 2)

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