Triple Canopy Issue 7 Online - Urbanisms: Master Plans By Triple Canopy
          Posted By Mario Cipresso

        • For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Triple Canopy, you'll find this most recent issue to be an exemplar of the timely critical writing and cultural analysis that has quickly become their hallmark. In reviewing Issue 7, you'll find yourself digging back into previous issues to connect various urban ideas that have been investigated over the first several issues. In this sense, Triple Canopy offers an admirable sense of continuity from release to release.

          From Triple Canopy:

          Issue 7, Urbanisms: Master Plans

          The seventh issue of Triple Canopy has reached its conclusion, and with it a seven-month examination of our current urban situation and what lies beyond it: the city’s past and its future; the suburban, the exurban, the frontier.

          Learning from Tijuana by Teddy Cruz with Caleb Waldorf From the graveyards of corporate architecture to the informal settlements of Latin America.

          The VPL Authority by Rustam Mehta & Thomas Moran with Keller Easterling Deep in the desert Southwest, a public-private corporation is building a mega-eco-city that will be the hub of a new high-speed rail network.

          Divine Wilderness by Nathan Schneider From Thomas Aquinas and John the Baptist to cellular automata and intelligent design: How God taught us planning, and where we went wrong.

          Daybreak by Lucy Raven In the suburbs of Salt Lake City, the newest great dead American economy lies in wake atop the last one.

          Urbanisms: Master Plans also features work by Zlatan Filipovic with Molly Kleiman, Bryan Finoki, Hovhanness Tumanyan & Vahram Aghasyan, Urban China, Kazys Varnelis, and Zs with Josh Slater.

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