eVolo Magazine 01 Edited by Carlo Aiello
          Review by Mario Cipresso

        • By now, many of you are familiar with the annual eVolo Skyscraper Competition that has been featured on our Death By Architecture website. In fact, we reviewed the publication, 'eVolo, Skyscraper For The XXI Century' that presented the results of the 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions of the competition and still highly recommend it as a worthy addition to your library.

          Like the book, the magazine is thoughtfully edited by Carlo Aiello and the lengths he has gone to publicize the work produced in the course of the competitions is commendable. This premier issue of eVolo Magazine centers itself around selected projects from the 2007 Housing Competition and then complements those projects with a strong selection of notable commissions by architects such as Herzog & De Meuron, Steven Holl, OMA, BIG and Asymptote. The juxtaposition of 'real' and 'conceptual' makes for interesting food for thought especially when you consider the mission of the magazine, which is to highlight the most innovative and inventive ideas that will shape the cities of the 21st Century.

          With over 30 projects and articles, the magazine is substantial and of high-quality and you'll surely find yourself returning to it many times. eVolo plans to release two issues a year currently and given the execution of this first issue, I am definitely looking forward to the sequel.


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