Death By Architecture now on Twitter and Facebook
          Posted By Mario Cipresso

        • Their usefulness and relevance to our purpose is yet to be seen but in hopes of connecting with more of you, I have setup a Twitter account and created a group on Facebook.

          Many of you have already joined us online at Linkedin and that's proven somewhat successful. I expect these two venues to create more frequent debate.

          I'm definitely open to some feedback in how you think Twitter can best be utilized, I doubt you want to know when I am making a turkey sandwich...well, maybe some of you do. So look me up on Twitter with my name or my user name, "DeathByArch".

          Those of you on Facebook, which I believe is everyone by now, please look us up and join the group.

          I am looking forward to your participation.

        06.15.09 Very cool! I'm following deathbyarch since a very long time, I would find a good thing to be able to interact better with the site... / yorik
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