Farmers Market Design Competition Results Announced
          Posted By Mario Cipresso

        • Denver, Colorado-based Sprocket hosted an open competition in the historic Highland Square district of Denver to engage the DESIGN community in a public forum. The specific goal was to create a discussion of innovative concepts for designing, occupying and programming public space. The competition endeavored to explore the concepts of community and sustainability through the union of an innovative programming, the exchange of goods and service, and public art.

          The program focused on creating a viable concept for programming a 'public space' and entrants were encouraged to go beyond the idea of food and produce. The entrants were asked to expand the historical notion of a ‘farmer’s market’ to things such as art display, community venues, music venue, crafts, etc. The concepts were to focus on activating the space with the flexibility to provide year round programming. In addition, each entrant was to create a viable identity for community outreach.

          The competition attracted almost 60 entries hailing from both the United States and abroad. All entries are online for viewing at the Sprocket Gallery website.

          The winners are:

          First Place
          Arquitectura, Inc.-(Wisconsin)
          Nick Cascarano, Harry Van Oudenallen, Brittany Radlinger, Andrew Herland

          Second Place
          Andy Stein, Rick Alexander And Mari Suarez (Colorado)

          Third Place
          Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, Lorene Faure, Justin C.K. Lau, Jaenes Bong, Jonathan Alotto, & Anaïs Sansonetti (United Kingdom)

          Merit Award
          Bernie Costello (Colorado)

          Colorado Award
          Steve Perce (Colorado)

          International Honor Award
          Carlos Marin And Carlos Avalos (Mexico)

          National Honor Award
          Ziska Architecture (Ohio)
          Rick Ziska And Justin Gustafson

          Complete details and jury information at Sprocket Gallery.

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