New Morphosis Website and Morphopedia Announced Morphosis
          Posted By Mario Cipresso

        • Recently launched was the new Morphosis website designed by Venice, California media/web firm UseAllFive. More impressive is the connection of the website to the new Morphopedia.com which is quickly becoming an exhaustive resource for all Morphosis work. Every project is documented in photos, drawings and text with specific technical data.

          This is a refreshing approach to publishing architectural projects which facilitates the detailed study of a complete body of notable work. Students should find incredible value in this latest endeavor.



        04.11.09 AMAZING SITE...ARCHIPORN! / fan
        04.17.09 that's what archi-websites are for: you can get enough infos, pics - yeah! congratulation! / evap
        04.23.09 Finally they've ditched that unusable disaster of a website, with all those flying letters, tiny images, nightmare navigation... / anonymous
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