Shortlist Announced for Taiwan Centers for Disease Control Competition TWCDC
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

        • Taiwan Centers For Disease Control Complex Planning, Design, And Construction Supervision Project, Announcement Of Short-List Tenderers (Stage One).

          Short-List Tenderers (7 Entries):

          1. Number: 1, Tenderer: Domino Architects & Associates / Yi-Yong Yang Nationality: Taiwan

          2. Number: 4, Tenderer: Fei & Cheng Associates / Philip T. C. Fei Nationality: Taiwan
          Joint Tenderer: Harley Ellis Devereaux / Samuel R Bayne, Jr (Louis Hartman) Nationality: USA

          3. Number: 6, Tenderer: TAG Design Works, Inc / Johnny C. Lu Nationality: USA
          Joint Tenderer: Kornberg Associates Architects / Ken Kornberg Nationality: USA
          Ramer Architecture / Richard Ramer Nationality: USA

          4. Number: 12, Tenderer: Ricky Liu & Associates / Ricky Liu Nationality: Taiwan
          Joint Tenderer: CUH2A, Inc. Architecture Engineering PLA / James Theodore Hall, Jr Nationality: USA

          5. Number: 18, Tenderer: Mario Cipresso & Chris Warren competition website.

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