The Laws of Simplicity John Maeda
          Review by Mario Cipresso

        • World-renowned graphic designer and computer scientist, John Maeda, presents his ten laws of simplicity in this brief and succinct treatise and does so in an entertaining and optimistic manner. Although applicable to virtually any organization or discipline, the book focuses largely on simplicity as applied to product design, often using Apple’s Ipod as the standard.

          Well-articulated, this is clearly still a work-in-progress that regularly refers readers to his website where some very intense discussions are underway for all to participate in. Maeda himself is moderator, guiding and informing the discussions. The book operates well as a reference and after an initial read it becomes clear that simplicity isn’t all that simple. Maeda’s conceptually strong acronyms can be somewhat difficult to memorize and could benefit by being more intuitive.

          Maeda expertly takes the classic ‘less is more’ aphorism and breaks it down into useful strategies and concepts for design and living such as reduction, organization, savings in time and the more intangible ideas of emotion and trust. The Laws of Simplicity are the keys to innovation in today’s increasingly complex world.

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