Burnham Prize Union Station 2020 Competition Results Chicago Architectural Club
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

        • Images 1 & 2 - 1st Prize: Michael Cady, Elba Gil ,David Lillie, Andres Montana: Chicago, IL
          Images 3 & 4 - 2nd Prize: Cheyne Owens: Cambridge, MA
          Images 5 & 6 - 3rd Prize: Lindsay Grote: Chicago, IL

          Earlier this year the Chicago Architectural Club and the Chicago Humanities Festival announced UNION STATION 2020, an international design ideas competition for the conversion of Chicago's Union Station into a high-speed rail hub, regional market, and meeting place. This year's Burnham Prize competition forms part of Burnham 2.0: A Patchwork Plan for Chicago, a composite urban plan that marks the centennial of Burnham and Bennett's Plan of Chicago.

          UNION STATION 2020 asked for innovative solutions for the transformation of Union Station into a center of high speed rail traffic and related programs. It was not simply a question of designing an efficient and functional transit hub. How can this intermodal node become more than a mere knot of infrastructure? What role can this project play in the reconfiguration of Chicago's West Loop and of the city and region? How can an existing landmark building be transformed to accommodate and generate a new combination of activities while welcoming an unprecedented level of rail traffic? How can we leverage infrastructure to produce other results, to shape the city and the public sphere? How can a point of exchange generate a regional culture? And what does 'culture' mean, anyway?

          The jury included Stan Allen, Doug Garofalo, Geoff Manaugh, Bruce Mau and Zoka Zola.

          The Results
          1st Prize: Michael Cady, Elba Gil ,David Lillie, Andres Montana: Chicago, IL
          2nd Prize: Cheyne Owens: Cambridge, MA
          3rd Prize: Lindsay Grote: Chicago, IL

          FRPO Arquitectura + Urbanismo: Madrid, Spain
          Gabriel Belli Butler, Pasquale Tuttolomondo: Rome, Italy
          Duliao Studio: Beijing, China
          Casimir Kujawa, Mason Pritchett, Patrick Johnson: Chicago, IL
          Xiao Min Du , Wei Lun Huang : Toronto, Canada
          Jeeyong An, Hosung Chun, Sang Hwa Lee of GinsengChicken: New York
          Sascha Oroz: Chicago, IL

          More information available soon at: http://www.chicagoarchitecturalclub.org/

        12.21.08 it would be a good idea to post bigger images so that the spaces can be more legible. / anonymous
        03.19.09 great work / rr
        04.13.09 the office "duliao studio" in Beijing should also be called "wande wenmai international architecture design". It also won the category professional architecture concept of the 2008 IDA - International Design Awards in L.A., / C.Luther
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