Winners Announced for Metro Integrating Habitats Competition Metro Oregon
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

        • Integrating Habitats sought multi-disciplinary, collaborative designs of the future that integrate built and natural environments. Winning designs selected by the world-renowned jury redefine the current language and standards of environmental sustainability by fostering balance between conservation and development, maximizing biodiversity and safeguarding water quality for this generation and those to come.

          The design categories were:
          1. neighborhood infill development with a remnant oak woodland/savannah habitat interface
          2. mixed use development with a riparian forest habitat interface
          3. commercial development with a lowland hardwood forest habitat interface

          Integrating Habitats is creating a ripple effect of influence, interest and action around nature-friendly design ideas. These design ideas are poised to usher in a new era of development that keeps nature in all our communities and ensures the continued preservation and enhancement of our quality of life and the environment for this generation and those to come.

          More than 100 teams from around the world submitted entries to the Integrating Habitats design competition that prove every building in which we live, work, shop and play can create places for both people and nature.

          Metro Council President David Bragdon called the Integrating Habitats Award Celebration "one of those rare moments when you feel a movement coming together." More than 650 people packed the Portland Art Museum's Fields Ballroom to envision the future of restorative design and sustainable growth with world-renowned jurists, regional leaders and multidisciplinary professionals and students. The energy in the room was electric and attendees were engaged in dynamic, interactive activities that included:

          The Category 1 Winner (image 1 above) was a team from Arizona State University composed of Benjamin McDowell, Tyler Stradling, Michael Nicoli and Todd Severson.

          The Category 2 Winner (image 2 above) was a team from Portland composed of GreenWorks PC, Bruce Rodgers Design Illustration, Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects, ESA Adolfson and SWCA Environmental COnsultants. Team members were Jason King, Brett Milligan, Bruce Rodgers, Scott E. Thayer, Michael S. Great, Justin C. Hunt, John Gordon, Christie Galen, Coral Mirth Walker and Kim Gould.

          The Category 3 Winner (image 3 above) was Constructive Form Architecture & Design LLC with team members Simone Goldfeder, Kina Voelz, Brent Hinrichs and Jason Carlisle.

          More information and video presentations related to the competition are available on the Metro: Integrating Habitats website, http://www.oregonmetro.gov.

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