Winners Announced for Perm Museum XXI Competition Center of Contemporary Architecture, Moscow
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

        • Images 1&2: Bernaskoni (Russia)
          Image 3: Olgiati (Switzerland)

          March 25, 2008 (Moscow)

          The most ambitious architectural competition of new Russia is over. Organized by C:CA (Center of Contemporary Architecture, Moscow), PermMuseumXXI was a competition for the best project of the new museum center building in Perm, Russia.

          The PermMuseumXXI museum center will be a new building for the Perm Art Gallery. This will be the first museum in Russia built to meet the needs of the 21st century. The building should be an outstanding work of contemporary architecture and the most modern art museum in Russia.

          The new building has been conceived as the Perm region's calling card modeling itself after the same brand identity as the Guggenheim in Bilbao by Frank Gehry, Kiasma Museum in Helsinki, by Steven Holl; Graz Museum, by Peter Cook and the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, by Zaha Hadid.

          Among the 25 participants of the 2nd phase were stars of architecture as well as young promising architects from all over the world. The Jury session was very intensive and lasted 2 days. The winners were announced at Press Conferense on March 25 in Moscow. The Competition Jury made a decision to share the 1st and the 2nd prizes between 2 participants.

          1st an 2nd prizes ($100,000 & $70,000) were shared between:
          BERNASKONI of Moscow, Russia and VALERIO OLGIATI of Shur, Switzerland.

          3rd prize winner ($50,000) was ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS of London, Great Britain.

          Additionally, 8 special prize winners were selected ($10,000 each):
          Acconci Studio (New York, USA)
          Asymptote Architecture (New York, USA)
          Esa Ruskeepaa (Helsinki, Finland)
          Soren Robert Lund (Copenhagen, Denmark)
          Meili, Peter Architekten AG (Zurich)
          A-B of (Moscow, Russia)
          Alexandr Brodsky Bureau (Moscow)
          Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Workshop (Moscow)

          The total prize fund was $300,000.

          The head of Jury was Peter Zumthor, Architect (Switzerland) and the jury members included:
          Nadejda Beliaeva, Director, Perm Artistic Gallery (Perm, Russia); Sergey Gordeyev, Senator, PermRegion (Perm, Russia); Yury Gnedovsky, President of the Russian Union of Artists (Moscow, Russia); Irina Korobina, Director, C:CA Center of Contemporary Architecture (Moscow, Russia); Aleksandr Kudryavtsev, President of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science (Moscow); Peter Noever, Director, MAK (Austria); Sergey Shamarin, Chairman of the Perm Branch of the Union of Architects (Perm, Russia).

          Complete details and images are available through:

          C:CA / Center of Contemporary Architecture
          Nastassja Shcherbina
          Email: archcenter.org@gmail.com
          Mobile: +7 (926) 601 7534
          Phone: +7 (495) 629 0340

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