Vatnsmyri Masterplan Competition Finalists Announced Reykjavik, Iceland
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

        • The 16 finalists in the Vatnismyri Masterplan Competition in Reykjavik, Iceland have been announced and are available for detailed viewing on the competition website.

          The call for ideas was an anonymous, two-phase process. The jury selected 16 entrants from the 136 entries in the first phase to participate in the second phase to further develop their proposals. The jury selected 7 entries for recognition and 3 were identified as first rank proposals.

          A compensation of EURO 10,000 was awarded to each entry invited to the second phase. Additionally, EURO 200,000 was distrbuted to the 7 ranked proposals.

          It is expected that the city of Reykjavik will enter into negotiations with the authors of the first rank proposals leading to one or more of them receiving a contract for the planning of a part of Vatnsmyri.

          The jury included Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir, Gísli Marteinn Baldursson, Dagur B. Eggertsson and Joan Busquets.

          Key to images above:
          1. Graeme Massie, stuart Dickson, Alan Keane, Tim Ingleby of Edinburgh, UK (first rank entry)
          2. Johanna Irander, Nuno Gonçalves Fontarra of The Hague, Netherlands (first rank entry)
          3. Jean-Pierre Pranlas-Descours, Christine Dalnoky, Ove Arup of Paris, France (first rank entry)
          4. Jeff Turko, Guojon Por Erlendsson, Dagmar Sirch, Sibyl Trigg of London, UK (awarded entry)
          5. Rose Bonner, Paul Fox, David Jameson of Dublin, Ireland (awarded entry)
          6. Manuel Lodi, et al. of Genova, Italy (awarded entry)

          The images are only portions of the actual competition boards. Visit the competition website to view the entries of all 16 finalists in their entirety.

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