Wolf Prix and Peter Eisenman on Education Video Clip
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

        • I came across this amusing video on the Apeiron blog site and had to share it. Most of us have endured the studio crit process where oftentimes the critique moves beyond you and your project and spawns either somewhat related or completely unrelated discussions about ideologies that for various reasons may be on the minds of your jurors.

          Here is Peter Eisenman sitting on a jury for Wolf Prix's (Coop Himmelblau) studio with Greg Lynn in the background among other jurors.

          Eisenman proves to be quite hilarious especially in his assessment of Buckminster Fuller.

          I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on Wolf's and Eisenman's views on the teaching of architecture. Feel free to comment.

        05.22.08 Good architecture is knowing when not to build and good architectural education requires knowing when not to speak. A lesson only in the drive to self promotion in the presence of a lens. / PaddyDorney,UniversityofTasmania.
        05.22.08 omg, this is just like my school! Soooo the same. Lame talking "this is shitty" "wth were thinking of" blah blah blah, but no freaking constructive advice :) You know it's so easy to critisize. / joanna
        05.22.08 man, I get a pain in my stomach when I hear this... / Ddag
        05.22.08 all these guys just make me really sick...very sick / restinpeace
        05.22.08 I know...all of you is despising Mr. Eisenman becos the student's hot rite?? hehehe. / JC
        05.22.08 My original comment was too long. Despite Eisenman's tone and process, he is saying something very important. But in this relativistic age, it will go unheeded or be derided. / GMJ
        05.22.08 I think what Mr. Eisenman suggests is not about we knowing Palladio's or Vitruvius's, but to know the evolution of space--what is space. Classical guitarists and rock guitarists both have to know chords and modes, right? / JC
        05.22.08 It's all me, me, me with students these days. Sometimes the conversation moves away from the project and into the world. Rather than being spoon-fed the student must actually THINK about the cultural and historical context of the work. / MDM
        05.22.08 There's something to be said for having a solid grounding in the principles that underpin any discipline one pursues in life. People today don't have the patience to learn. / chrys
        05.22.08 yes, and those responsible for the teaching dont have the talent or patience to teach! Just blah blah blah get me published blah blah - look at me blah blah blah / anonymous
        05.22.08 I get so sick of hearing starchitects say - "NO - WHAT II'M SAYING IS", in that tone, and then charging on to a pompous monologue. People dont tend to listen to that kind of soapboxing. / pee
        05.22.08 Battle of the Giants! The discussion between the two is only a battle, started my Eisenman, at Wolf Prix. It is sad that student reviews have become a showcase for suposid faculty to bicker like children. ...Narcissus... / matthew
        05.22.08 Hmmm - looks like Peter is having a hard time addressing anyone except the profesor who even he looks tired of listening to this man as well. Peter must have been born in a golden vagina, while the rest of us were merely middle class pogs. / Discorokit
        05.22.08 Discorokit, you're absolutely right about Eisenman's unwillingness to engage the student; it is poor form. I assume Wolf invited him to the jury so students could learn Peter's thoughts on their projects and instead he does differently. / Mario
        05.22.08 pompous ass architects and their arrogance have been a dime a dozen; However the reality is that in a global economy they will soon be as extinct as the dinosaur / frank
        05.22.08 ...but the point he makes is interesting in the sense that students today can create things without the knowledge of the discipline or beyond the discipline / ortizovich
        05.22.08 I always believe no one knows everything....even the pro shall learn from the fresh.... / anonymous
        05.22.08 If i'm a critic, there is only one thing I require....what he/she said could be seen or imagined...somehow I believe architecture is a technique to transform between languages and expressions.and further I learn from them. / jeff
        05.22.08 Students too often dismiss conversation between critics as merely idle chatter. Eisenman is making a point here, and there is something to be learned. It is very possible the project didn't warrant a thorough review. / Chris
        05.22.08 Agree with Jeff ;) / Shohreh
        05.22.08 peter is one of the most annoying self absorbed architects out there. I agree with wolf, just throw the student in the god damn pool. / arxch126
        08.30.08 Oh peter isenman and wolf, wolf is doing merely good things, while peter no cooments, always the same discussion and never say anything, i had a prof. from harvard and used to work at MOMA and he gave theories of arch. see next comment / richard_Cold@msn.com
        04.03.09 Architecture=Design=Creation=Subjectivity / bcoz
        04.18.09 Eisenman? An arrogant asshole who damaged the brain and feelings of a lot of people, he should be banned since several decades from ALL kind of institutions. Charles E.A. Meyer / cmeyer
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