Central Open Space in MAC, Korea Competition Results
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

        • The competition results have been published by the organizer and are available online at their website. They have done a spectacular job of making all the entries, including initial submissions, finalists and winners accessible for viewing. They have produced a high-quality, full-color online book with the ability to zoom in and examine every detail of each entry.

          The top three entries were all from Korean designers with only a few foreign firms making the second round. Image 1 represents the first prize entry by Sun Joo Noh; Image 2 represents the second prize entry by Jong Jyu Kim; Image 3 represents the third prize entry by Hyun Jun Minh.

          You can view all the entries at the MAC website.

        10.08.07 I don't know much about the others, but these look a bit bland compared to many of the submissions. / anonymous
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