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          Review By Mario Cipresso

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        • Civilities 1 is the first issue in a new series published by a+t ediciones in Spain which focuses on civic buildings and public facilities. Through the use of diagrams and the architect's original drawings, project programs are analyzed for implied and shared relationships as well as the converging activities and experiences fostered by these environments.

          The emphasis of this series is to look beyond the utilitarian functions of the various projects. Rather the intention is to highlight the potential for these spaces to act as focal points for a life rich in cultural amenity. These spaces function as nodes of service and driving forces of activity having a sphere of influence far beyond their site boundaries. a+t contends that these are places where human encounters are produced and the resulting activity has a regenerative affect on the surrounding city and suburban areas.

          Projects are defined initially through the social and urban context in which they exist and are further analyzed based on design process, building function and technical/sustainability criteria. a+t employs it's own method of diagramming each project in terms of program and site context creating common ground through which all the projects can be compared. The text is also conveniently in spanish and english.

          This is one of those refreshing magazines that you crack open and relish in the fact that there are manifold architects throughout the world creating wonderful projects of which we tend to be generally disconnected from. The projects presented were too numerous to count and the quality of work as well as the presentation is impressive.


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