Stockholm Public Library Competition, Stage 1 Results Swedish Association of Architects
          Edited by Mario Cipresso

        • The jury approved 1,170 entries for the first stage, making this competition one of the world's largest architectural competitions of all time. The jury would like to thank all the competitors for their efforts.

          In the opinion of the jury, all the competition proposals represent a large number of valuable designs and ideas that have provided a sound basis for ensuing discussions. The solutions offered demonstrated a very broad spectrum of ideas, many of which were of a very high quality. The proposals have provided insights and provoked thoughts as to how this very difficult and challenging task can be achieved. The jury has ascertained that a new extension must be of such a stature, distinction and architectonic originality (i.e. artistic worthiness) as to justify its position next to the Asplund building while at the same time being in perfect symbiosis with this major icon. The new building must provide a new and distinct relationship to the hill, which should continue to be the dominant element of the townscape even in the future. This can be done in several different ways regardless of whether the annexes are preserved or not.

          The general premise in the brief is that proposals that include the partial or complete demolition of the existing annexes must add new qualities that can compensate for the loss of historical, cultural and landscape values. One of the starting-points of the jury's work has therefore been to identify the cases in which these criteria have been fulfilled. By studying the received proposals and the skilled visual presentations produced by the competitors, the jury has closely examined the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of handling the clarity and visibility of the new extension in the city landscape. The expectation in the competition brief is for an extension that has its very own special architectonic value that interacts with the world-famous Asplund building and that can put Stockholm on the stage of world architecture. The jury has furthermore ascertained that the extension must leave its own mark on the townscape and clearly elucidate its function as a new public building in Stockholm.

          The proposals received represent a wide spectrum of feasible library solutions at varying stages of development. In the same manner as Asplund's original library, the new library is to be a public library, perceived as open, welcoming and accessible. The building shall also be a public meeting-place and its functions clearly discernible.

          The following six proposals have been unanimously selected by the jury to go through to the next stage of the competition. In May 2007, the architects concerned received new, detailed instructions to develop their respective proposals. Discussions and consultation have taken place to provide further guidance in stage two of the competition.

          Image 1 - 'Blanket' 0329
          Image 2 - 'Cut' 0139
          Image 3 - 'Delphinium' 0003
          Image 4 - 'Nosce te ipsum' 0424
          Image 5 - 'The Book Hill' 0823
          Image 6 - 'Dikthörnan' 1031

          The complete jury report and additional images are available at www.arkitekt.se/asplund

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