TV Architecture Channel: Zevi Would Approve 0300.TV
          Web Review by Chris Warren

        • TV Architecture Channel (formerly 0300VD Diffusion) is a website devoted to presenting video walk-throughs of many contemporary buildings to the architecturally intrigued web surfer. It seems that the site has only been up and running since November of last year, but it is certainly impressive in terms of content. I say, "it seems," as the site is written almost entirely in Spanish, with the exception of some of the project descriptions, and this writer is somewhat monolingual. Never the less, being able to sit in your chair and walk through UN Studio's Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, or stroll through Matthias Klotz' Colegio Altamira in Santiago de Chile, is an engrossing experience.

          In fact, the real beauty of this site is that it will undoubtedly introduce users to architects and projects currently separated by the great geographical divide. Although it was frustrating to be held at the whim of an anonymous cameraman, that wasn't enough to stop me from spending altogether too much time on the site during a long workday. Finally, wear your headphones as the soundtracks are fantastic and will be sure to hold your interest if the video does not.


        01.31.08 thanks for the web review. we are working in some translations [we want more people to participate in the discussion] and working in new videos also. bye 0300 team / SPC
        01.31.08 Yeah, nice site. Would like to see some drawings, etc.....maybe at least one floor plan? / willy
        01.31.08 very cool site. i wait for the translations because i imagine hard-content in the descriptions. best / tom
        02.01.08 Great idea. Very nice site. walkthroughs really average quality. / anonymous
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