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          Review by Mario Cipresso

        • I remember my first impression of UME magazine. It was about eight years ago that I received issues 9, 10 and 11 for review. The quality of construction was immediately noteworthy; a thick and durable, yet flexible cover wrapped around quality paper stock. The content follows this no-nonsense approach as well. You will not find any advertisements in the pages of UME, just project text and images. This is not a throw-away journal; it will likely take up residence on your bookshelf along side your El Croquis collection.

          UME is an independent international architecture magazine edited, produced, published and wholly owned by Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper. The publication revolves completely around their efforts and therefore maintains a somewhat irregular publication schedule, averaging about 2 issues a year over the last ten years.

          There is a certain freshness to the amount of rigor that goes into each issue. The editors manually edit the project images to emphasize particular characteristics they wish to highlight. While this creates a unique representation of each project published, you wonder how the original architect feels about the re-rendering of their work (UME edits with the intention of maintaining the original meaning). Regardless, at least it's extremely well done. There is a strong slant towards the technical as most projects include construction document excerpts and exploded diagrams.

          In an effort to maximize accessibility, UME is now online and in digital format, completely FREE. High-quality PDF downloads are available for all issues. This type of access is relatively unheard of among high-quality publications of any kind. You can still of course get UME in hardcopy format by subscribing or purchasing it at your local architectural bookstore.

          UME Magazine

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