UPworld : Networking for Building & Real Estate Professionals Jennifer Magee & Oisin Clancy
          Review by Mario Cipresso

        • UPworld is a rather unique and ambitious effort recently launched by two New York-based architects with a goal of connecting the various key players in the building and real estate professions. With largely free access, the site's potential is immediately obvious and the initial push for subscribers will be key to developing a critical mass.

          The site provides the infrastructure to manage projects online and allows users to invite others to participate in several capacities. You can search for consultants, partners and employees all in one place.

          From UPworld's site:

          UPworld connects people with projects online. UPworld is a new creative provider of web-based project collaboration and networking tools for professionals in the real estate and building industries. The website facilitates communication between professionals for the design, development, and construction of buildings.

          Targeting small practitioners in 8 main industries (real estate, planning, finance, development, design, construction, fabrication, and products), UPworld allows these professionals to build individual profiles and portfolios, network with one another, and create simple project spaces to communicate about the progress of building projects. UPworld is positioned as the best new web provider to facilitate real estate and building professionals meeting online.

          Launched by practicing New York City-based architects Jennifer Magee and Oisin Clancy, UPworld improves efficiency, productivity, and communication between key participants in the building supply chain. It is widely recognized that the design and construction of a building is one of the most complicated people and process-intensive tasks that exists today. On top of that, the building industry's manual processes are inefficient and costly.

          "Oisin and I have both run our own small practices in the city and experienced frustration with finding potential project leads and professionals to work with, gaining access to resources, and coordinating projects with multiple players. There was no online community to support our needs," says Co-Founder Magee. "We created UPworld for professionals in the building industry like us - architects, real estate developers, planners, and construction managers who are seeking knowledge and expertise as well as networking and project opportunities with other like-minded individuals."

          UPworld offers each person that joins a complimentary online profile. More illustrative than a directory listing, these profile pages offer a peek into a person?s portfolio of projects, their skills and expertise, and their business contacts. In addition, people can both post and respond to jobs, professional opportunities, and RFPs. Visitors to UPworld also get access to news and events.


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