3XN Wins Competition for University Building in Uppsala, Sweden 3XN
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

        • Press Release:
          The new university building unites the past and the future by extending the lines from the historical surroundings into an innovative structure pointing towards future study and work life
          Uppsala University has more than 500 years’ of history and thus is one of Sweden’s most established institutions, complete with traditions and an esteemed regard.  At the same time, the University is known as a modern institution for world class research and higher education. Thus, the vision for the new University Building is to bridge the past and the future by creating synergy between location, expression and layout.
          The building builds a bridge between past and future. Several lines from the historic surroundings are also present in the new building, that through its flexible and open spaces will encourage new ways of working, studying and collaborating, explains Jan Ammundsen, Partner and Head of Competition in 3XN.
          The 13,000 m2 university building include a number of sustainable features such as natural ventilation and a facade design protecting from direct solar heat gain, while allowing plenty of daylight inside. Although the building has a light and transparent expression its compact structure minimizes the surface resulting in environmental and operational savings.

          Contact information
          Didde Fuhr Pedersen
          Public Relations Manager
          +45 3264 2310 /  6155 4610

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