Winners of the Tallinn Vision Competition Street 2020 Tallinn Architecture Biennale
          Posted by Mario Cipresso

        • Warren Techentin Architecture(WTARCH)’s entry “Peer-to-Peer” received the €3000 1st prize of the Tallinn Vision competition STREET 2020, held under the auspices of TAB Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

          Tallinn Vision Competition STREET2020 was addressed to young architects and architecture students who were asked to describe a fluently connected, compatible and diverse urban landscape, with a focus on one particular urban typology: the street. The organizers received 35 competition entries, 34 of which qualified. Entries were submitted from Japan, Bangladesh, New-Zealand, Turkey, Italy, Poland, USA, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia and other countries.

          The architects from WTARCH describe their winning proposal:
          “Our concept is to develop a street which connects as many people and ideas as possible through the use of landscape strategies with a simple "user interface". This new Boulevard will connect the historic City to the beachfront, provides a strong edge to the port area, and seeks to unify the disparate existing but undefined open spaces into the collective use of the entire district as a large pedestrian park. The street will form a new entry to Tallinn for visitors and a place to enjoy the city outdoors with physical activity and street vending.”

          The jury, comprising Eva Castro (AA School, Plasmastudio, Groundlab, UK) and Endrik Mänd (Chief Architect, City of Tallinn), reflected on the winning entry with the following:

          “"Peer-to-Peer” investigates the problematic described in the competition brief in its entirety. The street that is described is in human scale and characteristic to Tallinn and the functions proposed on the sides of the street are well thought through and clever.”
          STREET 2020 exhibition presenting all the competition entries will open on August 17th at the basement hall of the Estonian Architecture Museum.
          STREET 2020 awarding ceremony together with the catalogue presentation will be held during the Tallinn Architecture Biennale on September 8th at the Estonian Architecture Museum.

          STREET 2020 AWARDED WORKS:

          1st prize €3000 – pseudonym „Peer-to-Peer“
          Authors: Warren Techentin Architecture (WTARCH): Warren Techentin, Brent Nishimoto, Christina Hwang, Andrew Kim, Ahad Basravi, Carrie Smith, Aaron Yip

          2nd prize €2000 – pseudonym „The Urban Lobby“
          Authors: Kenneth Li, Mark Craven, Fraser Moor

          3rd prize €1000 – pseudonym „Street Magnetism“
          Authors: Kristi GriĊĦakov (Aalto University Centre for Urban & Regional Studies), Liis Bormeister, Kristjan Männigo, Joonas Saan / OÜ Ars Projekt


          – pseudonym „Jack the Rabbit“
          Author: Pawel Artur Pietkun

          – pseudonym „Le Corb“
          Authors: Joanna-Maria Helinurm, Michael Thomas Lamprides II

          – pseudonym „Meter and Demeter“
          Author: Alvin Järving

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