Been Laid Off? The Easiest Way to Reinvent Yourself Cardsofchange.com
          Review by Mario Cipresso

        • Over the last 3 years we have seen many of our colleagues laid off as a result of the massive recession or maybe it was you.  No profession or field was left unaffected and no profession was hit harder than architecture.  Some estimates have the unemployment rate for architects at as much as 25 percent!  Crazy times.  But good times always follow crazy times.

          Cardsofchange.com wants you to make the best of a bad situation.  They want you to take that huge stack of leftover business cards from your last employer, grab your writing utensil of choice and use it as a canvas for reinvention.  Upload it to the site and let the transformation begin.

          There are some very clever submissions that should prompt a chuckle or two.  So, even if you are still employed, it's definitely worth a look.  Just don't let your boss catch you browsing the site at the office, otherwise the markups you make will be on your old business card.


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