Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor Competition Winner SCI-Arc
          Posted By Mario Cipresso

        • From the First Prize winners, Aleksandra Danielak, Ralph Bertram, Constantin Boincean:
          Project Umbrella was awarded first price in the LA Cleantech Corridor and Green District competition, presented by SCI-Arc and Architect’s Newspaper in partnership with the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles, the Community Redevelopment Agency and a host of public and private sponsors.
          By implementing an acupunctural strategy for urban renewal three young Oslo-based designers; Constantin Boincean, Ralph Bertram and Aleksandra Danielak prepare LA for a sustainable future that stimulates an alternative use of the city’s public domain.  
          Mushroom-like structures named solar evaporators are implemented within LA’s existing grid. They clarify black water from the sewage system and distribute it through a process of evaporation and condensation, transforming conventional streets into green webs of lush, cultivated landscapes that generate incentives for sustainable developments within and around them.  
          As part of an evolutionary strategy each evaporator will become a focal point of transformation that will locally diversify the surrounding urban tissue. They become platforms for social activities and form nodes within a growing transportation network that will stimulate the use of public and non-motorized modes of transportation as a valid and joyful way to explore the future city of LA.  
          According to jury member Stan Allen, dean of the School of Architecture at Princeton University and Pricipal of Stan Allen Architect, the project “initially appears to be an oversized piece of functional street furniture that turns out to be connected into a larger network of water purification and resource distribution. The project is highly memorable as an image, at the same time as it transforms the way the city will treat its resources in the future."
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