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        • Spontaneous Architecture seeks to provide a platform for architects and designers to engage in a rapid response to current events. Traditionally, the term "spontaneous" conveys impulsive or unforeseen action that is provocative by implication. This understanding leads to results which are seldom as interesting as the act itself. Spontaneous Architecture reimagines spontaneity in the context of architecture's typically slow deliberation, as something more purposed, something with a result that is greater than its impulse. The goal of spontaneity should be taken as a challenge for designers to trust their educations, their perceptions, and their intuition.

          Spontaneous Architecture Mini-competitions

          The Spontaneous Architecture mini-competitions are a series of twelve monthly competitions to last throughout 2010. The entries are single images, and the entry fee is $5 per entry.

          The competitions are intended to provide an immediate outlet for design thinking to engage current events. Participants are allowed only one image of predetermined dimensions to convey the essence of their entry. This restriction is meant to facilitate creative responses and enable each design to focus only on the most important issues of their proposals. Further, in the spirit of inspiring quick-and-dirty spontaneous responses, the format limits enable each entry to privilege visual clarity and conceptual depth over the commercial utility of gloss and style.

          The competition winners will be decided by fellow competition entrants (although no entrant may vote for their own proposal). This collective voting will harness the group's intelligence and interests and hopefully catalyze a discussion within the participating group which will be formally continued in a live event in New York City. The event will be held in collaboration with Columbia University's Studio-X in downtown Manhattan and will coincide with the announcement of the competition winner(s).

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