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          Who's Next
        • Category
        • Student , International
        • Type
        • Open
        • Registration Deadline
        • 02/15/2010
        • Submission Deadline
        • 03/01/2010
        • Open To
        • All
        • Entry Fee
        • US $50 ($100 after 12/31/09)
        • Awards
        • US $5,000 1st Prize (see below)
        • Jury
        • Entries will be judged by a combination of public votes (received via the competition public voting site) and a jury made up of FreeGreen Design Staff
        • Contact
        • David Wax
        • Address
        • FreeGreen Inc., 348 Medford St., Suite 1, Charlestown, MA 02129
        • Email
        • Competition E-Mail
        • Web Site
        • Competition Web Site
        • Phone
        • 773-510-0195
        • Fax
        • 866-201-3856
        • Description
        • Freegreen.com is challenging you to develop affordable green home designs that fit contemporary lifestyles. There are a lot of people who want a new home but don't want a generic suburban McMansion. The American dream is not one size fits all. Our dreams are changing, and FreeGreen is challenging, you, the residential design community, to develop new ideas for people who don’t dream of the generic. The single family home is the most commonly built building in America, but less than 5 percent of the homes built in America have direct involvement with an Architect. The challenge of the Who's Next competition is to re-envision the typical suburban home in an ecologically conscious manner that also reflects today's modern lifestyle. Competitors will select one of two user profiles (see right) and design a single family home that fits their chosen profile. All homes designed in this contest must be 1800 Sq. Ft. or less.

          Why You Should Enter:
          It's Easy
          All you have to deliver is nine images and image descriptions. No boards, no presentations, no complications. Just nine slides that will be uploaded in a Facebook style onto the competition website.

          It's Affordable
          Our entry fee is just $50. Our goal is to get, and promote as many entrants as possible so we created and entry fee that is manageable.

          It's Useful
          There is of course a cash prize of $5,000. We expect to drive over 500K visitors to our contest viewing and voting site, on which you and\or your firm will be promoted. For the top three entries, FreeGreen will turn your designs into a house plan. FreeGreen will place this house plan on our Open Source Site for sale (at whatever price you want), and you will retain the rights to this house plan using it as you wish. You will also receive 70% of all revenue from sales made of your plan on the FreeGreen Open Source Site.

      Discuss this Competition
        11.18.09 Says open to both professionals and students on comp website. Death by arch catagory says just students. Please clarify / RH
        11.19.09 Interesting program, and pretty timely, but what about the jury? The FreeGreen portfolio is horrendous- how can they be qualified to judge projects? / alberto
        11.27.09 It's in the student category and the international category on DBA. It also says open to ALL. / Mario
        12.13.09 Alberto- good call. These folks need some real help. Their portfolio should be considered a failure by any arch school standards for first year. / Craige
        12.15.09 Just to confirm: The competition is open to all. Also we can assure you that we have the proper staff to judge this competition. Thanks. / FreeGreen.com
        12.31.09 what does 'proper staff' mean ? a team of dentist? the free green concept is smart but lets see some good jurors PLEASE - with respected portfolios/resumes. / randomarchitect
        01.07.10 I'm not a bitter person but the more I have looked into this comp the worse it looks. Plenty of merit in previous postings. I hope real talent steers away and leaves them where they are... / Rouge
        01.07.10 Looks like a facebook for architects business in the making...I prefer my privacy and integrity- go get your "free green" from some other poor profession. / RubiousH.
        01.12.10 I think people may be skeptical given the high reg fee and lack of established architectural jury. / Zhu
        01.21.10 I can't help but see this as a way to develop an online "house plan" book. If they sell a plan they keep 30%, plus the entry fees... yea, I'm skeptical. / ModernArch
        02.04.10 love the populist angle. yeah their designs are a bit watered down but that happens when you go for mainstream impact. / stopthehate
        02.04.10 eplans.com and houseplans.com keep 70% of the money for plans they sell. this is a great deal and its awesome that they are getting web exposure for young designers / archizizzle
        03.03.10 so far, contest seems to be favoring those with the most friends on facebook, or those most willing to refresh their entry page repeatedly. lets hope the jury can sort through the crap. / johnson
        03.04.10 hey... competition is underway. check it. yes, there is a BROAD array of talent, but we entered. we're a new firm, and are using this to state our position in a conservative little area of VA. look for 3|SQUARE by ron davenport | dave mullen / rondavenport|davidmullen
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