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          What's Your Problem?
          Gehry Technologies
        • Description
        • What's Your Problem is a "problems competition" open to architects, students, designers, engineers and other building professionals with problems to solve. The key difference is that instead of competing for design, you are competing for collaboration. We are looking for problems that are: not too grand in ambition (the more focused, the quicker we can help you), are design, fabrication or construction focused, and can be applied to an ongoing project. Show us your problem and the winners will win consulting time with our team of parametric modeling specialists in the New York office as well as a temporary license for Digital Project.

          What's GT Studio?

          GT Studio is an informal group within Gehry Technologies–the makers of Digital Project and providers of specialist parametric modeling services–dedicated to increasing the fluency and usability of Digital Project to the AEC community through events, competitions and learning resources.

          Working sessions will take place at the New York office of Gehry Technologies. All application and help sessions are free of cost. Sessions will be tailored to meet the demands of your problem, but typical sessions will take weekly period and will run in the afternoon/evenings. Remote teams may also be accommodated over a web meeting.

          Demo licenses of Digital Project will be provided for the duration of the collaboration period. Winning submissions and runners-up will be exhibited online.

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