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          Bath Personal Rapid Transit System
          Advanced Transport Systems Ltd.
        • Description
        • Can the world's newest transport technology fit into one of the world's most historic cities?

          Advanced Transport Systems Ltd. is offering designers around the world the chance to become involved in the design of ULTra Personal Rapid Transit, as part of the CIVITAS Renaissance Project investigating sustainable transport options in historic cities

          The competition entails the design of vehicles, stations, guideway, and other infrastructure design elements; participants can choose to address any or all of these elements. Entries will be judged based on their feasibility, aesthetics, and originality. Many of the submitted designs will be presented as part of a public & stakeholder feedback process; these designs -- and the responses to them -- will be incorporated into our final report to the EU. A smaller number of winning designs will be selected by a panel of judges; these will receive international exposure in the media, the EU project dissemination process, and the Advanced Transport Systems website.

          This competition offers your students the opportunity to work with an exciting and very novel transportation technology, in one of the most challenging design environments imaginable. A special forum for participants will allow them to interact with ATS engineers and designers, who will provide ongoing support throughout the duration of the competition. For students whose work is featured in the public feedback process, or selected by the judging panel, this offers the possibility for significant international exposure. All in all, we feel that it would be a worthwhile endeavor for any ambitious design student.

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