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          December: Sacred Space for Atheism
          Socio Design Foundation
        • Category
        • International
        • Type
        • Open
        • Registration Deadline
        • 01/02/2010
        • Submission Deadline
        • 01/02/2010
        • Open To
        • All
        • Entry Fee
        • US $15 1st entry, $12 2nd entry, $9 each additional entry
        • Awards
        • US $100
        • Jury
        • In-house
        • Contact
        • Alison Hagan
        • Address
        • 1699 Boulder St., Denver, CO 80211
        • Email
        • Competition E-Mail
        • Web Site
        • Competition Web Site
        • Phone
        • 303-581-2354
        • Description
        • There are churches and temples for christians, jews, muslims, buddhists, etc., but what of atheists? What spatial form would their place of contemplation be? Submit your idea to December's vignette competition.

          For every month there is a different idea to which applicants can submit their own spatial response. Entries are limited to a single vignette, but can be expressed through any medium: architectural design, photography, sculpture, etc.

          Can you distill your ideas to a single vignette?

      Discuss this Competition
        05.10.09 competition or joke.....? / hasan
        05.18.09 Competition. / jdarlie
        07.26.09 $15 entry, $100 prize? what happens with the rest of the money? to make things worse the brief seems fundamentally ill-considered if you actually reflect on the task at hand. / steve
        07.26.09 I love the idea! Your programs are mind challenging and I will enter as time permits / additupnow
        08.06.09 I thought the premise of atheism was that we don't go to sacred spaces. The world around us is our church. / michelalano
        08.15.09 The premise of athiesm is the lack of belief in a diety not the worship of nature. That sounds more like animism or paganism to me. Good point about the entry fees Steve! / a.e.
        08.20.09 that's right, pay $15 and tell them that. / god
        08.21.09 check out the website, they have a different topic every month, and for July nobody won, so will they return the 15 bucks... or roll over the prize money to next month / aris
        08.21.09 such negativity!this is not the time.jdotp / anonymous
        09.08.09 i spent 15 dollars yesterday on half a ham sandwich. / myrealname
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