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          Open Call: 7 Petal School, Designing the School of the Future
          Architects 3000 Network
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        • Open
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        • 09/07/2018
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        • 09/07/2018
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        • All
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        • None
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        • See description
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        • The jury is composed by members of the Architects 3000 Network and Pedagooogia 3000 (4 architects and one pedagogue).
        • Contact
        • Cláudia Martinho
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        • Competition Web Site
        • Description
        • This is a call for all visionary architects and designers that wish to change the Education in a worldwide scale. Our world urgently needs architectural proposals that foster innovative ideas for the Schools of this Third Millennium. The 7 Petal School is such a project, aiming at a re-evolutionary educative transformation, based on the programs of Pedagooogia 3000. With this purpose, the Architects 3000 Network was co-created in 2008. As non-profit and pedagogic organisations, the Architects 3000 Network and Pedagooogia 3000 conceived this open call as a solidary competition, based in sharing ideas, establish alliances and open opportunities, in which we all win. All together we are co-creating this network of ideas to transform the Education for the children of Today and Tomorrow. Please share your creative visions! 

          Topics: Innovative architecture for a 7 Petal School for an existing site or an ideal place. The proposals must integrate the 7 pedagogical areas which are interlaced and complementary. Please download the 7 Petal School book, at no cost, by Noemi Paymal and Pedagooogia 3000 and refer to the 7 Petal School Web Page (https://architects3000.weebly.com/open-calls.html). 

          Design and conceptual guidelines: The proposals will be appreciated and selected by the following guidelines: • Layout of the 7 Petals clearly outlined, with its respective 7 colours • Integration of some universal geometry, related to contemporary design • Bio-construction (optional) • Bio-climatic design • Green areas and open air spaces • Functional and practical design for children • Aesthetically harmonious and attractive • And fun for the students (and teachers)! Awards: Three selected proposals will receive a free registration and hotel accommodation (for one person per team) to present the project and participate in the 6-days of the 9th International Gathering of Architects 3000 and Universal Geometry that will happen in Milazzo, Sicilia, Italy (September 24-30, 2018).

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