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          London 2008 Adaptable Architecture Gallery Competition
          Arquitectum and Architectural Association School of London
        • Category
        • International
        • Type
        • Open
        • Registration Deadline
        • 06/30/2008
        • Submission Deadline
        • 07/20/2008
        • Open To
        • All
        • Entry Fee
        • US $100-$200 (dependent on early/late registration)
        • Awards
        • See competition website for details (cash, travel, publications, etc.)
        • Jury
        • Not yet announced
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        • Competition E-Mail
        • Web Site
        • Competition Web Site
        • Description
        • ARQUITECTUM presents its 8th International Contest "LONDON 2008". Exhibition hosted by the Architectural Association School of London.

          A movable architecture gallery, containing and distributing design to the city; travels across the River Thames to connect the various art spaces and collect visitors along the river; especially in the South Bank. The exhibition space should adapt to the movement of the river, to the different requirements of an exhibition and the artist, and to the weather in London; meaning summer and winter potentialities.

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        03.18.08 The competition is sponsored by the most famous Architecture School of the world...Great! / RichardCurtisJr.
        03.19.08 I didn't know Cornell was the sponsor. / cu
        03.25.08 uhh AA ah i see, a scripted pavillion... / anonymous
        04.01.08 scripted pavillion?...meaning? / anonymous
        05.07.08 why not only scripted but blue-coded! / leonmagnavox
        05.22.08 I cannot open the plans / d
        05.27.08 can anybody manage to retrieve the files? please help / anonymous
        05.29.08 Same here. Cannot download the files. / anonymous
        06.04.08 me too / anonymous
        06.07.08 Well, I could. Try using fast internet connection that would flow all the way. I tried and failed the first time too. / Jo
        06.16.08 I have a pretty fast i-net connection and all it says is thank you for downloading the files but nothing ever comes up and pop-ups arent blocked. Did you guys register for the competition before trying to download files? / anonymous
        06.17.08 I had a download problems, but after several tries finally I got it. What I did was that I first downloaded the spanish version. I got it without problem. Then backed to the English one. / aaa
        06.20.08 Does anyone know if it is a browser or OS issue for downloading the files? I'm on mac with safari and firefox and downlading the files doesn't work...... / Joppe
        06.23.08 For Mac I had to control - click save to disc, and it downloaded as a compressed .rar file. / jw
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