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          Innovative Ideas for Porto Water Tanks
          Aguas Do Porto E.M.
        • Description
        • It is envisaged that the site will continue to be used for water supply. It is essential that the space may be open to the public and that the site may support an economically viable activity that covers both construction and running costs. Examples of activities include bar, restaurant, library, golf training or field sports.

          Teams must be coordinated by an architect or architecture student under 30 years of age.

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        10.12.07 I've been always been fascinated with the water tank as architectonic theme, i'm in..!! / MMaturanaM
        11.03.07 hullo!It's very hard to get the competition details from the competition website.could you try to simplify it abit, and make it more easily accessible. thanks. / JOSH
        11.09.07 Is this competition dead?? The website promises an upadte for a few days ago... No responses from the contact email. / malaise
        11.11.07 I don´t know if the competition is dead, but the organizers have no idea about deadlines themselves. It seems to me that this is a very unorganized competition. / Mike
        11.18.07 Deadline changed. Website updated but still not working properly. / jesarqit
        12.02.07 This competition has no jury yet and they don't plan to announce the jury until the submission deadline! / anonymous
        12.03.07 also, this competition is not anonymous! / anonymous
        12.04.07 you would be crazy to enter this one / anonymous
        12.07.07 deadline has benn postponed to january 20th / malaise
        12.07.07 Extension of deadline has been confirmed and has been updated here. / Mario
        12.31.07 Has anyone received further response to questions besides the basic faq on the website? thanks. / jw
        02.24.08 anybody know when results will be announce or know anything about this???? / bolo
        02.25.08 After the submission deadline the organization hasn't given any further information (no schedule, jury, results or any other). The competition email ignores all messages. Does anyone have any further information??? / anonymous
        02.26.08 no word on this one... I guess it was only for somebody private enjoyment... This is a huge disrespect for the work of people and their ours of dedication / anonymous
        03.08.08 The event organization has stated in an email that the proposals are being short listed and results will be posted until the end of March. / anonymous
        03.20.08 Has anyone recieved the result? In 10 days, March will be over. / anonymous
        03.31.08 March ends in 45 minutes. Does anyone still believes in this organization?! / asimplemind
        04.07.08 the projects that entered the competition have been posted on the web site. They have anounced that the jury will meet for a final review April 10th. / anonymous
        04.13.08 April 10th was 3 days ago... are there any final results? / pwt
        04.15.08 now what? ... / anonymous
        04.16.08 mañana !!!!! / anonymous
        04.20.08 never...nevermore Portugal / ukboy
        04.24.08 what is going on? / ???
        04.28.08 Why are we not being given any sort of information/update.., or even hop?! as to when the results will be announced? / dissapointed
        05.12.08 one month has passed porto ! / poo
        05.15.08 Could someone in Porto try to contact them directly? / haaaaaa
        05.16.08 I suggest you all to write a formal letter and send it to these entities: concursos@oasrn.org,presidencia@oasrn.org,geral@aguasdoporto.pt ,innovativeideas@aguasdoporto.pt,webmaster@arq.up.pt,grandeporto@jn.pt We have to do something about it / joao
        06.02.08 organization has stated in an email they not sent to all the participants that winners will be announced 30th of June. I don't know if this information is reliable but the credibility is now zero / Dieter
        06.03.08 134 days.... Why dont we do something? Forget prizes, just name the winners. such huge disappointment... / ahhhh
        06.09.08 The final prizes are now online. / porto
        06.09.08 Results are on the website. At last. Way to go for the winners. / Om
        06.09.08 results have been posted on the site / anonymous
        06.09.08 to MR. Dieter. Do you meat that you got an e-mail from the competition organizer? I sent several mails to them, but have had no answer from them. / aaa
        06.15.08 Did any winner recieved a official letter on the result and next procedure? / aaaa
        06.17.08 Nope. I was Honorable Mentioned, yet only saw that on that poor pdf file, and only by coincidence... This is the worst competition menaging I have ever seen. / Labrium
        06.26.08 great. prize giving ceremony june 30th - i recieved that email june 23 so i have 6 days to plan and organize trip to portugal. congratulations.perfect organization. / partitcipant
        07.01.08 It was a very good prize giving ceremony at the architecture school of Porto. I've received an honorable mention. It was a shame that the organization was so bad because at the end it went well / asimplemind
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