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          PROJECT SPACE 2013: Rethinking Urbanity in Budapest
        • Description
        • The aim is to generate models and concepts for urban vacancies in Budapest. The selected teams will have their projects published in the 2013 Wonderland Publication! The workshop will be held in September 2013. Two selected teams will have the possibility to join a workshop in Budapest and develop strategies to experiment new forms of urbanity. For further information on deadlines and submission material please look at the end of this page. Project Space 2013 in Budapest is carried out in collaboration with Kek - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre 

          Participants are expected to send their proposals via email to competition[at]wonderland.cx and write their contact details in the email (please view contact information here). Proposals will be anonymous but contain the title of the project, they will consist of: 3 A3 posters in digital form with the project proposal (in jgp or pdf format). 1 A4 sheet with text describing the proposal (in .doc or .pdf format).

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