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          PINarchitecture : February Brief / The Responsive Sidewalk
        • Category
        • Miscellaneous
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        • Open
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        • 02/25/2013
        • Submission Deadline
        • 02/25/2013
        • Open To
        • All
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        • None
        • Awards
        • The first place winner will receive a poster containing the top 10 submissions of the month.
        • Jury
        • Submissions will be judged on the last day of the month by a rotating jury of three designers.
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        • Description
        • The Responsive Sidewalk : Sidewalks are dynamic junctures between spaces, functions, and speeds, yet are physically static. A horizontal slab of concrete or stone is essentially a tabula rasa, an open platform for foot travel, public interactions, and spontaneous experiences. This juncture is ripe with activity, yet sidewalks are essentially unaffected by the impact of use. What if a sidewalk could be manipulated, illuminated, or fundamentally altered by a passing pedestrian? How might a sidewalk function in a way that is more responsive? Submissions may be technical, conceptual, practical, and/or artistic. Participants are asked to consider depicting the concept in multiple positions. Competition Details : Any media and text contained within a 4 inch diameter circle with white beyond.

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