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          KTISMAjournal Issue 2: Appropriate Inter Face
          University of Oregon Department of Architecture
        • Description

          AP-PRO-PRI-ATE: (adj.) suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, person, occasion, etc.

          IN-TER-FACE: (noun) a thing or circumstance that enables separate and sometimes incompatible elements to coordinate effectively.

          The second issue of KTISMAjournal calls for submissions that investigate architecture as an appropriate interface. How does architecture act as an interface between seemingly disparate environments, social structures, and contextual anomalies? In what ways is, ‘interface’ challenged or guided by the concept of ‘appropriateness’? What are the systems at play? Can architecture, in fact, nurture environments?

          Submissions are due by May 1, 2012 to ktismajournal@gmail.com. Please visit ktismajournal.com for additional information. KTISMA is an independent Architecture Journal published by students of the Architecture Department at the University of Oregon.

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