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          Tropical Beach House Design Competition
          Playa Santa Rosa Luxury Oceanfront Properties
        • Description
        • Playa Santa Rosa is a luxury oceanfront land development located on the pacific coast of Nicaragua.

          The development has 175 lots. All lots have full infrastructure. Half of the project lots are sold with the majority of lot owners at Playa Santa Rosa being from Europe and the United States.

          This upcoming winter the development will start building beach houses on some of the unsold lots and offer them for sale.

          The lot sizes that we will be building on are 14m wide facing the ocean and 30 meters deep. The lots are facing west on a small hill overlooking the ocean.

          We are looking for concept drawings of beach houses that can be built. One story open concept two bedroom designs between 70-90 square meters in living area. Designed in a contemporary or tropical design.

          Concept drawings can be done by free hand or software such as Sketch-up and should be submitted as visual jpg. or pdf. files to this email address. m_siniarski@hotmail.com

          The deadline for submissions is July 15th. The owners of the development will decide the winning design with a winner announced before August 15th. The winning design along with all the submissions will be displayed on the internet.

          The winner of this competition will receive $2000 cash award and will be invited to Nicaragua to see the realization of their design in the upcoming winter.

          There is also a possibility that the winner and other contest applicants will have a possibility for additional design work at project.

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